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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


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Winter Sun

This is the "Valle del Sol" - The Valley of Sun and it's the winter climate as much as that of the summer months that gives the area it's name - it's one of the best places in Europe for Winter Sun. As well as being almost the most southern part of mainland Europe and having the best chance of sun in mid-winter anyway, Įlora and the Gualalhorce valley benefit from a micro-climate provided by the surrounding mountains so winter here is even warmer.

Normal daytime highs in December and January are 16 to 20C plus, nearer 25C in November and February and don't forget, daylight hours are longer here in winter than in the UK.

We can't guarantee the weather, as with the rest of the Mediterranean the months from October to April are when what rain there is falls so there can be cooler days of cloud and rain but you have more chance of winter sun here than most places!!


Pizarra - January

Sunset from the roof terrace - December 29th

Paragliding - El Chorro - November


In the Mountains - November 2006