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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


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El Torcal Natural Park

El Torcal Natural Park is an area of exceptional karstic limestone features about 20km north east of Álora and another wonderful area for walking. You can see the mountains from the roof terrace (below, centre background) but such views cannot prepare you for the "walking on the moon" experience as you explore the weathered limestone sculptures in the park (natural, or did Henry Moore once live here?). The most famous is the Tornillo del Torcal - the Screw of Torcal - so called because the eroded limestone layers look like the treads of a screw. Others are the sombrerillo (sun hat), the ataúd (coffin) and the dado (dice).


Camorro Allto is the highest point (about the height of Ben Nevis - but a bit different!) and is taken by the longest of 2 designated walks. From the top, if visibility is good you can see across to Africa - with good binoculars you could also make out the roof terrace at Cuarenta. There are many other spectacular views as you walk in the park or, if you prefer the other extreme, caves where Neolithic remains have been discovered.

The countryside around is also stunning. If you are on a cycling holiday it's well worth the 20km ride through the Valle de Abdalalis - itinerary at the house.

Walking - Itineraries at the house