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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


Only £340 to £440 per week for 6 people



Wonderful............. Set astride the dramatic El Tajo gorge separating the medieval town from the buildings of the 18th century, this wonderful town is simply a place you must visit. The gorge is about 200 metres (650 feet) deep and the houses seem to be suspended over it. The old town, La Ciudad - the Moorish section, lies to the south of the gorge and is linked by an 18th century bridge to El Mercadillo, the town that arose after the Christian re-conquest. The Puente Nuevo, the "New" bridge offers a delightful view of El Tajo, the river Guadalevin flowing through it and the patchwork of fields beyond.


The long and prosperous period of Arab rule has left a rich legacy in this town, particularly the Palacio de Mondragon with its horseshoe arches, Moorish inscriptions and distinctive tiling. Also, the church of Santa Maria la Mayor which used to be a mosque, its bell-tower once a minaret; and the Banos Arabes (Moorish baths), which still have their vaulted roof.


Ronda's bullring is the oldest in Spain, inaugurated in 1785 and closely connected to torero Pedro Romero, in whose memory a festival is celebrated each September.