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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


Only £340 to £440 per week for 6 people

Restaurants and Bars

 There are many in Álora itself and even more around about. This is a pretty random selection, the only basis for inclusion is that we've been there and enjoyed them or they've been recommended. Our standards aren't very high but we think some of them are pretty good! Most bars do food of some kind or another. I have not yet been in a bar or restaurant in Spain that objects to children.

In Álora itself you will find Meson-Restaurant Casa Abilio in Callejon Padilla (between the house and the town centre) which has a very good reputation.

Correos (the Old Post Office) also has good food. It’s on Calle Santa Ana just up the hill from “the other” traffic lights right in the centre. Walk through the bar with a yellow “Open Tapas” sign.

Fuente Nueva in Camino de San Jose was a pleasant place to have lunch.

 Los Caballos, the large bar you pass on your way into Álora has good food if not the best situation. The ostrich farm opposite is interesting.

Los Cazadores is the bar just down from the house and is a straightforward local bar that is a pleasant place to have a beer. Good seafood, lively at lunchtime.

La Higuera is a large and pleasant restaurant overlooking the valley just outside the town, about a mile from the house. Go to the "Arc de Triumph" roundabout then carry on for about half a mile up the hill. It's on your right, you can't miss it - good food in a really pleasant situation.

The large “blue” bar - PasaTiempo - on the corner at the "Arc de Triumph" roundabout is lively and does reasonable food but often only opens in the evening.


Further Afield

There are a number of good restaurants on the shores of the lakes just past El Chorro about 12 km away. Stay on the road past the dam and the El Chorro gorge for a further 3 km and there are several on the roadside, El Mirador is particularly well thought of.

In El Chorro itself  there is La Garganta, a converted flour mill overlooking the reservoir. You can't miss it, the large building up the hill in front of you. El Kiosko opposite is much more fun for a snack, we never seem to leave El Chorro without at least a beer here!

In Antequera, El Angelote (Plaza Coso Viejo) has great atmosphere with lots of dark wood and beamed ceilings and is usually lively and packed.

In Malaga , The Pitta Bar (8 Echegaray, just round the corner from the Picasso musuem) is cheap and cheerful and there are many pleasant pavement cafes around the cathedral.

Should you get as far as Mijas try El Padrastro (22, Paseo del Compas) perched on a cliff above the village - stunning views and good food.

Many Andalusians go to a "Venta" for Sunday lunch - atmospheric countryside restaurants that dish up vast portions of traditional food at reasonable prices. The hills around Alhaurin El Grande are noted for these.

In Torremolinos we have had some perfectly pleasant meals in tourist restaurants on the beach. There are restaurants every 100 metres or so along the front and I was going to recommend the very last restaurant at the western end. But last time I was there it had been outflanked and was only the second last and they seemed to be building another even further along, so who knows where it is now. However, we have now been to several of the places at this uncrowded end of the beach and they have all been ok. They seem to work to a formula but it’s a good formula - lots of fish, especially baked and barbequed, lots of Spanish customers rather than tourists.