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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


Only £340 to £440 per week for 6 people


Car-Free Holiday Guide

We do recommend that you hire a car to get the best out of the area but not everybody can or wants to drive so we have thought of the many facilities in and around Álora and put together ideas for a car free holiday.


Once you've arrived you might be happy just hanging around the house and the town. There's plenty to do (click on the link above) and we have had some very pleasant times just pottering around in the nearby countryside  - but there's lots of opportunity to do other things as well........


There are several walks possible from the house and also one that I would recommend that starts from the station in the next town, Pizzaro, so is easily accessible by train. There's an itinerary for a tour of Álora at the house, which includes all the main sites and views and is a good way of getting to know the town. More strenuous is the walk up El Hacho, the local mountain, there's a detailed itinerary of the main route around the back of the hill - it's thirteen kilometers there and back or 10 if you take the "not for the fainthearted" route down the side. The hillside you see closest to the house (about a kilometer away) is also littered with trials. We've not documented any yet but you can stand on the terrace and pick out several walks (if you do any, please leave notes!). The walk from Pizzaro station is detailed in the book at the house. A dramatic but easy climb of about 5 kilometers (distance, not height) up to El Santo, a statue perched on a rock outcrop from which you can see for miles around the Valle del Sol (view photograph).


We are in the process of arranging organised and accompanied cycle tours of any standard or duration for all the family - cycles, guides, helmets and meals included. The company we hope to do this with will arrange to pick you up from the house.


"Not yet completely overrun by tourist tack, this is one very Spanish port city. Málaga is a vibrant, Spanish city with a real southern port atmosphere and a burgeoning cultural scene. The second largest city in Andalucía, it boasts pretty streets, leafy boulevards, lush gardens and a breezy ambience." - Lonely Planet Guide. Malaga is probably not the highest on your list of cities to visit in Spain and what you see as you come from the airport has probably not changed your opinion. However, you are in for a surprise, this lively and historic city is well worth a look. It's only half an hour by rail, so it's easy to dip into for shopping, sight-seeing and nightlife and is a good source of entertainment for children - and don't miss the Picasso Museum. Trains are every hour or two throughout the day, click on the link above for more info about this exciting city.

Sevilla and Cordoba

Sevilla and Cordoba are about one and a half hours by train from Malaga


Torremolinos is a short and cheap train journey from Malaga. A much maligned place but actually quite enjoyable, especially out of the main summer season (I've never been there when the bars are packed at night). The beach stretches for several miles, swimming is pleasant and safe, there are play areas for children and many beachside restaurants  - and it's (almost) always sunny. What more could you ask for from a day at the beach? (plus, if you want one, you can pick up an English newspaper).

El Chorro

You can also get a train to the village of El Chorro, about 1 Km from the gorge (but make sure you check the timetable, there are only 2 or 3 trains per day). Plenty of scope to investigate this dramatic area and a very pleasant restaurant, La Garganta, opposite the station.

Getting to and from the airport. 

We can arrange for the house manager to pick you up, which is cheaper than taking an airport taxi. He charges Euro 40 each way - just let us know when you book. It is possible to get from the airport by train and very cheap, about Euro 3 per person. You have to change in Malaga but you wait on the same platform; the station in Álora is at the bottom of the hill but there is a bus that passes near the house that meets each train. It might be a bit of a struggle with a lot of luggage but if you have only brought a rucksack or something like that.......... Ask for directions when you book.

And Also.....

The house managers can also organise a taxi service to drop you wherever you choose and arrange to pick you up later in the day. Cost will depend on where you want to go but the price will be reasonable. This brings within reach a visit to Antequera or Carratraca or wherever else you fancy, makes a day in any of the Theme Parks and Zoos possible and even, if you want, allows you a lot more scope for walking