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Flights from the UK

Malaga is obviously the closest airport, only half an hour by car and accessible by train or taxi if you prefer (see our no-car holiday guide).  Malaga is served by most UK airports and if you book early you can get some really good deals. 

Cheaper airfares tend to be in mid-week and to let you take advantage of these we keep the changeover day flexible, even in the main summer season. For a family of four this can save you £200 or more on flights. We will also accept bookings to start and finish on any days that are available, mid-week or weekends (see chart below) and will accept bookings for odd-length holidays @ pro-rata rates (minimum 5 days).

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RyanAir also fly to Malaga (www.ryanair.com) but another option is to use them to fly to Granada, which is less than a 2 hour drive to Įlora. If Stansted, East Midlands or Liverpool are convenient for you they sometime offer flights for £4.99 or £9.99 (occasionally 0.01p!) each way but be careful of the extra charges they lash on. When I first used them I would reckon on adding £20 per person to the flight price advertised for the "extra charges". Now I reckon it's about £70 to £80 per person if, like us, you are travelling as a family and have to put luggage in the hold. Also, they have this absurd rule about not pooling luggage allowances. This means that if a couple travel with a large and a small bag (not unusual), one 5 kilos over the individual luggage allowance (which is only 15 kilos) and one 10 kilos under - total weight well with their combined allowance - they will be stung for an extra overweight baggage charge, my reading of their website it that this is now £100 for 5 kilos - each way! "Yes" I have been caught out and "Yes" I am annoyed - if you use RyanAir just make sure you really are saving money.

Finally, don't forget good old British Airways ( www.ba.com ). They did announce that they are going to take on the budget airlines on the European routes and their fares would be comparable - you might be lucky, plus no luggage charges, plus free food and drink!