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The Flamingo Lagoon

The Flamingo Lagoon, Laguna de la Fuente de Piedra, is the only inland flamingo breeding ground in Europe. At approximately 15 square kilometres it is one of the largest natural lagoons in Spain and a rare natural breeding ground for this most elegant of birds. There are over 10,000 at the lagoon in the height of the breeding season.

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The Lagoon is an oasis in the barren Llanure de Antequera hinterland and a strategic point for the migrating birds crossing the Mediterranean to spend the winter in Africa. It is a zone rightly fiercely protected by environmental laws because of its importance for the flamingo population in Europe. 

The flamingos arrive around the end of January and stay until the end of summer. It's a fair drive from Įlora to get there, about 38 km north on the A357 to Campillos and beyond, but usually worth it once you arrive.

PS. Whilst in the town of Fuenta de Piedra you might like to visit the donkey sanctuary. Follow the signposts from the centre of town and please say "Hello" to Erica, adopted by our children.