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Coastal Nightlife

Like the rest of Spain, it's very lively after dark so it's easy, if you're so inclined, to stay out all night. I have to admit that my days of clubbing and crawling home at dawn are long gone, so the rest of this page, including the list of venues, is cribbed from a guide book. Please check that it's accurate and have a great time!!

"In Málaga throughout the year, but especially from April to October, the night temperature is very mild making it possible to thoroughly enjoy yourself in the company of Malaga's youth who fill the streets, bars and discos until the early hours of the morning having a good time. There are two areas with a special atmosphere: El Palo, where the school is located, and the old city center where there are many bars, restaurants, some discos and disco bars."

 The best clubs are:  

Abisinia - Address: C/ Beatas
Live music and good atmosphere. 

Caché - Address: Puerto Marina, Benalmadena Costa.
Smaller Night-club/bar playing a variety of music, from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Opens
21:00 till late. Entrance free.

Disco Kiu - Address: Sol Y Mar, Benalmadena Costa.
Large disco, centrally located in the busy Sol y Mar Square. Stays open very late, often till
8am . Entrance fee in force at weekends.

Disco Ola - Address: Puerto Marina, Benalmadena Costa.
Night-club with the latest dance music and terraced bars, open till late.

Disco Palladium - Address: Palma de Mallorca, Torremolinos
Nightclub, swimming pool, pizzeria & parking. Entrance free - pay for your drinks when you leave (if you lose your ticket you pay more - you have been warned).

Liceo - Address: C/Beatas, 21, Malaga .
Popular bar/disco with students, foreigners and tourists. Located in a large City house it spans 2 floors with an interesting balcony and 4 different types of music/dance floors. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays "happy hour" from
23:30 to 00.30 - Be

Paka Paya - Address: C/ Juan de Padilla, 16, Malaga
Disco/Bar with lively atmosphere in
Malaga centre.