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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


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Well, there's plenty of mountains so there must be plenty of places to climb! This part of Spain claims to have the best climbing in Europe outside the Alps. Me, I'm a walker. If I need hands to steady me or, heaven forbid, actually take my weight then as far as I'm concerned it's all gone horribly wrong - slopes should have gentle inclines and spectacular views and not be perpendicular and clung to vertigosly - so I can't judge the truth of the claim about the climbing. However, climbing seems well organised, with many routes bolted and guides (both paper and human) available.

There are several mountaineering clubs and some challenging rock faces. El Chorro, only 8 miles from the house (you can see some of the peaks from the terrace), is a particularly well regarded area. Sierra de las Nieves, between Ronda and Malaga or Sierra Almijara are also popular with climbers.

Information about mountaineering clubs may be obtained from the Spanish Mountaineering Federation, (Federación Español de Montanísmo) Calle Alberto Aguilar, 3-4 iz, Madrid 28015, which will also provide maps of mountain areas.

Information can be obtained locally from the Federacion Andaluza de Montañismo, in Malaga, at Ant. Raiz 10 (Tel: 952 39 90 04).

I report all this from research, not personal experience, so if you don't know this area and you want to come climbing I would suggest phoning the above number. If you are an experienced climber, you don't need me to advise you about safety but I also came across this warning "Also note that Spain does not have a sophisticated mountain rescue service, such as you find in Alpine countries and if you get into trouble you will need to rely on your own resources and those of your companions."