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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


Only £340 to £440 per week for 6 people


Car Hire

We suggest you get a quote from agents CarJet (www.carjet.co.uk). We found them to be usually the cheapest of the many companies that, with much slick advertising, vie for your business; also the car hire firms they use have offices on the concourse at Malaga airport. If you fly to Granada they also operate from there but you have to take a courtesy bus to the car hire offices they use, which can take a bit of time - and it's obviously a bit further to drive to the house in Įlora (about one and a half hours - let us know when you book if you take this option, so that we can include directions). 

Europcar (www.europcar.co.uk) are heavily promoted by EasyJet but we've always found them expensive.

You could also try these price comparison sites:


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