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A Fascinating Holiday in the Old Moorish Town of


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Beaches, Swimming and Water Sports

You're having a holiday away from the coast to enjoy the delights of inland Andalucia but that doesn't mean you don't want to spend a day or two at the beach, particularly if you have children. It's half an hour by car, a bit longer if you take the train but still straightforward enough.

But which beach? Well, I'm not that clued up as where the best ones are but it strikes me that they start in Gibralter and stretch to somewhere in France, so there's plenty of choice. I'm told swimming in the Mediterranean is comfortable all year round, though I haven't tried December and January. Almost all areas are safe (but check for local conditions). A convenient and, when we were there, quiet beach we found completely by accident is at the very western end of Torremolinos (directions are in the house handbook) - lots of beach, lots of sea and a particularly good restaurant (eg baked and BBQ fish) right on the sand.

Also, don't forget the beaches at the Lakes in El Chorro (carry along the road for about 3km after the gorge). These can be quieter and have the added advantage of many pleasant, secluded restaurants for lunch.



Water Sports

There are many centres and every kind of water sport you could think off. The English language papers list many on immediate coast, plus others on lakes and reservoirs. If you want to investigate before you arrive the following are links to:


Boating & Yachting


Andalucia has over 800km of coastline, both Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
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Fishing in rivers and dams in Andalucía is popular, where trout, pike and black bass are found.
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Kite Surfing Rowing & Canoeing
The latest extreme sport, racing over water on a surfboard propelled by a kite.
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The great river Guadalquivir and numerous inland lakes are popular location for Rowing and Canoeing.
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Snorkeling & Diving Surfing
There are countless locations to dive along the coast in Andalucía.
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Although windsurfing is better known in Andalucia, surfboarding is also enjoyed by many, particularly in the Autumn and Spring.
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Wakeboarding Waterskiing
Wakeboarding is a water-sport that suits all ages.
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Waterskiing is a water-sport that suits all ages.
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Whale & Dolphin Watching   Windsurfing
The Bay and Straits of Gibraltar have a large population of Whales and Dolphins.
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The varied coast line offers wind surfers at all levels the chance to practice this sport.
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