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Local Ex-Pat Information

If the last thing you want to know of on your holiday in a very Spanish part of Spain is the presence of anything remotely British, then close this page straight away.

However, there is a discrete British community in Įlora (mostly those who enjoy living in a real Spanish town rather than Bognor-on-the-Med) and their experience can help you find your way around.

You may find "Correus" near the traffic lights in the top square very useful (look for the little yellow flag). It's run by an English coupe who have made it a centre for local information and services. If you need anything, want to know where to go for a sunhat or a car mechanic, or just want a cup of tea made the way you like it in the UK, just drop in.

There are also a few English language papers which are a small mine of information, "La Sur in English", The Winepress" and "The Town Cryer" are the most prominent. They free and available from many outlets in the town. "La Sur in English" seems the most informed, being the English edition of a mainstream Spanish paper and thus having more resources. They provide a good insight into what is important locally - latest official arrested for corruption, illegal building scams, immigration from Morocco, etc. - and have really good information (much more than we can include on this website) as to what is going on in the wider Malaga region - museums to club life, shopping to church services, restaurants to windsurfing.

There is even an English speaking radio station "tune in to rem.fm on 104.8 fm" and you can get British newspapers from a kiosk in the main shopping street on the morning they are published - but only Monday and Friday!

There is a medical centre in Įlora which we are told is open 24 hours a day, but fortunately we have never had to test this. Also there is a private English speaking doctor and ambulance service on the coast, available by phone 24 hours a day - details in the house handbook.

Also useful might be the internet cafe (directions in the handbook). Very cheap internet access and telephone calls to UK landlines at about 1 euro for 15 minutes.